Tríona Sings EP

The Void

photo Ecardo Baader

The Void

This song comes from the desire to sing. It comes from a place of deep frustration – of wanting to get my songs out there, really wanting to, but not getting there, not knowing how and not knowing who.  It also comes from a place of deep despair and grief. A questioning of the universe, of energy, of whatever you want to call it.  Is there anybody out there?



Why do I feel all alone

I wanna sing

Why do I cry on my own

Just wanna sing


The voiceless void

Just sits and stares

And says nothing

Golden silence

I’m not quite sure

Of anything


You can’t set it up and return

To oblivion

Leave us here to figure it out

And disappear


I champion you

In the songs

That I sing

And now you just

Sit and stare

And say nothing



I’m not quite sure

You’re there at all

Fifty fifty

Why is it so hard

To understand



And shards of hope

And shreds of light

Seeking comfort

In the night

Sometimes there’s not much

To hold in this life


And here I am


By a great voiceless void

Why was I naïve

To trust