MAM 2018

MAM Behind the Mic

Venue Smock Alley Theatre
Dates 19 May 2018
Photo Ecardo Baader

Behind the Mic 2018

I joined the mighty women of Mothers Artists Makers to sing a selection of my own songs. In a line-up with a great bunch of artists who are mothers we shared music, comedy, sketches and drama.

Icarus is about people who can fly spontaneously and is dedicated to people who create beautiful experiences like my colleagues and friends who organise festivals.

Juno’s Song is for my second daughter, Juno, who was a worried little bundle when she was born.

Shine Your Light, a rousing feminist anthem and the evening’s finale, included a chorus of all Mam Behind the Mic performers. I was proud to lead this group of inspired artists to encourage each and every woman to stand up and shine your light.

29th May, 08.30pm, Smock Alley Theatre, 2018

Nollag na MAM 2018

To celebrate Nollag na mBan on January 6th, the members of Mothers Artists Makers created a beautiful cabaret on the intimate stage of Árus an Phiarsaigh (The Pearse Centre at 27 Pearse St). I sang a selection of songs a capella and unplugged.

For Holly is written for my niece and is inspired by a rainbow.

A Constant Agitation is a tongue in cheek reflection of the state of the human mind from an uptight persona who cannot find peace.

Narnia is a song of hope and light.

6th January, 8pm, Ionad an Phiarsaigh (The Pearse Centre), 2018

Behind the Mic 2017

Mothers Artists Makers presented the work of artists who are mothers at Smock Alley Theatre in April 2017. I performed two of my original songs backed by Fiona Browne (The Dionnes) and Marián Araújo Marcote.

Ruby My Beauty is for my first daughter Ruby. The song celebrates the playfulness, wonder and joy Ruby brought to our lives.

The Year of the Horse is a feminist anthem like no other, lamenting what part of this life is fair, in the context of an enduring patriarchy.

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